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Bank Angle out of whack (Read 1335 times)
Aug 31st, 2016 at 6:29pm

Glenbow   Offline
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I bought my D2 in June and the first one had a battery that was no good.  I got a replacement just fine and thanks for that.

Now, when I'm flying, the D2 starts out fine with pitch and bank attitudes about right and then the bank attitude goes about 10-15 degrees out of whack.  I've tried turning it off and on again with no improvement.  I've tried this several times.

Lately, I can turn it on on a flat surface and it will show the horizon at a slant also.  Long and short, it's not working like it used to and I'm stumped and would like it fixed.  I tried resetting the bank angle and it doesn't stay where it was set. Something is wrong.  How can you help?
Thanks very much.
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Reply #1 - Sep 1st, 2016 at 4:49pm

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It sounds like you know how to use the pitch and roll adjust functions, which is the first thing we'd check. The only other thing that could cause the attitude indicator to not be accurate is if it is not pointed forward with respect to yaw. IE, if it was canted inward towards your face for better visibility. I'm guessing that's not the case, and that we'll want to see your unit. Give our technical support team a call at 425-402-0433 or at support at dynonavionics dot com so we can help you with this. Also do mention that you've had a previous problem with one.

Please do not use Private Messaging on form to contact. For private support:
Email: support at dynonavionics dot com
Phone: 425-402-0433 (7am-5pm Pacific weekdays)
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