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Autopilot Application Guide Correction (Read 1333 times)
May 6th, 2017 at 2:35pm

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The AP application guide entry for Searey needs updating to account for the Frise-type ailerons on the newest versions of the airplane. These Seareys have essentially no adverse yaw whatsoever, so there's no need to connect the roll servo to the rudder, as I had to do in my Classic Searey with the original simple ailerons.

All factory-built Seareys produced since the middle of 2015 (I think) should have the new ailerons. Searey kits produce since then should also have the new ailerons. Earlier kits may not, but the builder will know about that.

The roll servo will probably work just fine driving either the rudder or the ailerons, but I haven't tried it.

Also, Progressive Aerodyne has changed the "R" in SeaRey to lower case: "Searey."

The application guide entry is at: http://wiki.dynonavionics.com/Servo_Application_Guide#SeaRey
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Thanks for the report!

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