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My New D2 is Unreadable In Sunlight (Read 1030 times)
Jun 25th, 2017 at 8:27pm

ZodiacPilot   Offline
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I recently completed my homebuilt Zenith Zodiac which has a bubble canopy. I bought the D2 for my primary artificial horizon.

However, my D2 is completely unreadable in bright sunshine, even with the over-head shade.

YES, the brightness is turned up full. NO, I'm not wearing polarizing sunglasses.

Right beside the D2 is my 8 year old IFly 700 which is reasonably readable. And my Samsung phone is very readable.

Howver, I can barely make out the artificial horizon on my D2 and certainly can't read any of the numbers in bright sunshine.

For months the weather here was cloudy and since I was also doing flight testing, the D2 was low on my priority list of concerns. Now, with the bright sunshine everyday I am realizing how bad this is.

Are others have the same experience with the D2? Is it primarily a high-wing readable display?

I bought mine new from Aircraft Spruce. Is there a chance mine is defective? Have others had this experience?

Gary Welch
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Reply #1 - Jun 26th, 2017 at 5:19pm

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There's a chance there's something wrong there. They're not as bright as SkyView displays, but they're sunlight readable. Give our support team a call at 425-402-0433 so we can work through this with you.

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