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AMP #1 Not Visible In Savvy (Read 614 times)
Feb 17th, 2018 at 3:42pm

HomeBuilt101   Offline
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I have two independent electrical systems and both have their volts and amps monitored in Skyview however I cannot see the left system amps displayed on the Savvy website.

It has a choice for "AMPS" however that is clearly the right system ammeter output.  I know my left system has been acting up and I would like to review a flight and see where/when/why it is acting up however it does not appear in the drop down list.

Pin 1 is Left system volts
Pin 2 is right system volts

Pin 24 is the right system AMMETER SHUNT PN 100412-000 (+) POLE
Pin 31 is the MCLAGEN ENTERPRISES CURRENT SENSOR (a halleffect device that works like a GRT CS-02)

So the indications are displaying fine on the SV display but the item is not available in Savvy...as far as I can tell ALL of the SV pins are available in Savvy except the wayward left system amps.

Would anyone know why this is the case???

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Reply #1 - Feb 18th, 2018 at 5:42am

mmarien   Offline
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Thanks would be a question for Savvy.

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Reply #2 - Feb 18th, 2018 at 6:52pm

HomeBuilt101   Offline
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This is unexpected!!!

In preparation for asking this question to Savvy, I opened up the Excel spreadsheet file and discovered that a column for my left side ammeter does not appear in the spreadsheet...and if it is not on the spreadsheet then Savvy would not see it and display it on their web page so I cant bark up their tree. 

The spreadsheet does have VOLTS 1, VOLTS 2, and AMPS  but the spreadsheet does not contain an "AMPS 2" column.

I have checked and double checked the spreadsheet so see if there is some other column called something else but is actually AMPS 2 however all of the other columns have readings that are expected.

There is just one column BR that states "AMPS" but it does not indicate a "1" or a "2" so I read the values under that column and the values are what I read on the right hand side ammeter during the flight so I have confirmed that "AMPS" is indeed my right hand system.

I do indeed have two ammeter indications on the display and both read what I expect them to and they are both different indications so I know it both sides are working...so the question now is...

Why does the AMPS 2 not display on the Excel spreadsheet?

Normally I would not care however my left side alternator is acting up so I would like to monitor the little colored line and see if there is some kind of correlation

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Reply #3 - Feb 19th, 2018 at 3:59am

Doug1   Offline
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This is a bug that dynon says it will fix in 15.4.0
It affects any GP input configured as AMPS
See my post under EMS file settings
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