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FREE Australian airport database (Read 356 times)
Feb 21st, 2018 at 8:14pm

KRviator   Offline
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Sydney, Aust.

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Because I am a good-natured bloke (and get bored easily) I decided to work out a way to import all published Australian airports into SkyView - a process that was relatively painless using the DAH, Adobe and Excel.

Now, given there are many hundreds of Certified and Uncertified/ALA's in Australia, I cannot guarantee these are accurate inasmuch as I haven't screwed up something in the PDF-XLS conversion, but those in my immediate vicinity correlate perfectly with the OzRunways VTC overlay. That is my way of saying you use these files and the data therein at your own risk. If you get lost, that's your own fault, these are intended for situational awareness only.

Furthermore, I haven't been anal enough to go through and categorise each and every airport to their respective icon in SkyView. If it's a Certified airport, per the DAH, it gets a "Filled" icon, if it is a Uncertified aerodrome or an ALA, it gets a "Hollow" icon. Additionally, these will show up as User Waypoints in SkyView, so you need to have the "display user waypoints" option selected at a suitable map range to enable you to see them.

To install these to SkyView, copy them to a USB stick, press buttons 7 & 8, go to Full Screen Setup, then "Load Files" and upload both of these to SkyView.

I will endeavour to keep these two files updated with each revision of the DAH unless AsA has a dummy spit, or I get tired of doing so. Anyway these are based on the November 2017 revision, with the next being due in May 2018. Eventually I might do the NavAids as well, but for now, here's the two airport files.

EDIT: Actually, the Aids didn't take as long as I thought they would do, so here they are as well. A VOR has a VOR Icon (funny about that... Grin) while an NDB has a "Tower_Short" icon. Feel free to update them to an icon of your choosing if you don't like them.

I have not included any runway or frequency data yet, mainly due to time constraints. I might include that 'later'. Maybe.

Happy Flying! Wink
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