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USB Flash Drive Bug Fixed? I Hope So! (Read 327 times)
Apr 5th, 2018 at 6:07pm

Waldo   Offline
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Glad to see the following bug addressed in the latest revision:
"Fixed: A bug that could cause a System Event 11 by repetitive/intermittent USB disk connection."

In the past, I experienced  random screen freezes in my RV7 and continuous reboots in my RV12 on several occasions that disappeared when I removed the USB flash drive from my SkyView unit. 

I hope this v15.3.3 finally fixes the problem.  I had lost my confidence in flying the SkyView in IMC. 

One interesting discovery after installing v15.3.3 in my airplane.... the SkyView operating system no longer recognized the presence of two of my 32gb flash drives that I had been using before the upgrade.  I tried doing a complete format of the flash drives... still no recognition in either of my SkyView units that the PNY 32gb drive was present.   My other flash drives by different manufacturers worked fine when inserted.   Maybe somehow the new version recognizes a suspect brand of flash drive is present and refuses to use it?   That's fine.  I'd rather have that than a screen freeze/reboot in IMC.

That is just one quick observation on my part.  Everything else in the new version appears fine.
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