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Pilots guide tweak - User Waypoint file headers (Read 351 times)
May 30th, 2018 at 2:20am

KRviator   Offline
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Sydney, Aust.

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'Afternoon lads (and any ladettes at Dynon)...

I have put together a few files showing Australian airport lat/long data for our certified and uncertified airports to allow them to be imported into SkyView as User Waypoints for our Australian SkyView owners.

The first time I tried to load my original files, all the downloads failed, as I was missing the CSV file header "Dynon Waypoints File V1.0", and from the current revision of the pilots guide, it isn't intuitive that the download will fail without that particular header in place. Now, I was lucky in that I had my laptop at the hangar and after a while I spotted the error, added the header as a trial and got the file to work.

That being said, it appears I am a slow learner, as I again omitted the "Dynon Waypoints..." header when I updated said files for the latest revision to our Aussie aerodata this week - and then embarrassed myself by compounding the error and uploading the files here that didn't bloody work..... Roll Eyes

Do you reckon you could pass on to your tech writer to include a notation in/around the User Waypoints *.CSV file section that highlights the requirement for the "Dynon User Waypoints File V1.0" be included as the last header in a *.CSV file, and that SkyView will reject the upload if it is not present.

Ta muchly.
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