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Firmware 15.3.3 possible issues (Read 430 times)
Jun 10th, 2018 at 3:39pm

Bob Bogash   Offline
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I'm usually an 'early adopter" to Skyview updates - usually on day of release, in fact.  But, lately, in my dotage, I've held back.  Maybe I should have held back longer!

Last week, I upgraded from 15.2 to  I've had a few issues;

1- Aural "Messages" - these used to be visual, as I recall, now I'm getting aural "Message" annunciations continually - driving me nuts.  Can't find any way to suppress them.

2- Autopilot LEVEL command.  Use it occasionally, and often  - in some circumstances.  I fly into Boeing Field a lot, almost daily.  I depart 14R and make a close-in right turn for a right downwind departure to the NW - they want you east of the river (close!) and at or below 800 ft.  It's a critical location - there's a Bravo floor sitting right above you at 1100 ft and SEA heavy jet inbounds are passing right overhead near the Bravo floor.  I try to fly it at 700 ft to give me some cushion.

I have found LEVEL to be more "robust" than Altitude Hold, for whatever reason.  So, I make my close in turn, establish on the reciprocal heading at 700 ft and hit LEVEL.  It works very well - or did, until my firmware upgrade.  When I tried this several times this week, the plane kept climbing through the 800 ft altitude restriction, and I had to punch it out.

To check it out further, after departing the restricted airspace enroute 0S9, I hit LEVEL at 2700 ft.  The plane kept climbing through 2900 ft.  It's my understanding the LEVEL command drives the ROC to Zero.  Didn't.

3- I have the 2020 ADS-B OUT but no IN, and am using the TIS for traffic.  There has been a continuing sporadic nuisance ghost target situation in the area I fly,  from K0S9 (Jefco) south towards the Bangor sub base.  I've reported it before.  I have been making a non-scientific judgement that these are due to the mountainous terrain immediately to the west causing signal reflection issues.  With the new firmware, the nuisance ghost targets have become frequent to essentially continuous.  Very annoying.  Don't know if the fooling around with the 472 issues has had an impact or what.

I've sent a Diag file to Support.

Bob Bogash
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