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UART Datastream including NMEA? (Read 261 times)
Jun 15th, 2018 at 9:47am

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One of the great feature of the Skyview system is that just about all of the data is exposed through the serial interface.  This allows for some pretty cool extensibility.  However, one thing that is conspicuously missing in the output is the NMEA output.  The setting allows for combination of ADAHRS, SYSTEM, and EMS datastreams but not include NMEA.
Now, it is possible to fork the serial output from the GPS interconnect and use that but that will mean I will need two UART port on the receiving end.  (Three if I want to also ingest ADSB-IN)
Would it be possible to add NMEA re-broadcast to the output so that I can use single UART input on my end?

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