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D10A Temperature out of spec (Read 395 times)
Jun 23rd, 2018 at 7:56pm

Peter Priest   Offline
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I've been flying with a D10A for a few months now (STC version in certified airplane.)  I love it.

When I fired up yesterday, the display had "TEMPERATURE OUT OF SPEC." It was a hot day, and the plane had been sitting on the ramp. But the OAT in the D10A's display area read correctly at 35C. The message remained for the duration of my 40 minute flight.

All other indications appeared normal. The wind arrow seems sketchy, and often indicates up to 99, or fails to display anything, even when winds are fierce. I've read about calibration, and have tried...

I searched, but didn't see anything in the forums about this issue... Any thoughts?


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Reply #1 - Jun 25th, 2018 at 5:41pm

Dynon Avionics   Offline
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"TEMPERATURE OUT OF SPEC" means the unit itself is above its spec'd temperature range. That can happen when the unit is heat soaked, but is usually curable with some additional ventilation behind the panel.

The wind arrow depends on GPS position (you should have it has a GPS-251 connected per the STC) and a good magnetic headling calibration. The latter virtually requires the optional remote magnetometer - there's virtually no chance that the built-in sensors will get a good calibration in a panel.

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