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Radio intermittent failure (Read 192 times)
Oct 5th, 2018 at 10:07pm

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Today I had unpleasant radio failure during critical time in the flight as I was doing survey work close to an International airport. Due to no communications they had to route traffic around me for a few minutes while my radio was out.  There was no indications of a radio failure on my end, I had good communication with the tower to this point. I then radio'd tower to say I was complete and ready to head back to my airport when they said we've been trying to contact you...I have noticed this once before when talking to another pilot on the radio he went silent, but then it came back after a few minutes once I made a radio call to him.  I checked all wiring and nothing is loose, did a radio test to hand held once on the ground and also checked out okay, made radio calls to local airport and all came back 5/5, and also confirmed the tower was talking to other aircraft so it wasn't their radio. Anyone else experience similar thing? I have two 10'' touch dynon's, dynon radio, transponder mode s, factory installed in Pipistrel virus.
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