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KAVLICO 0-150psi sensor installation (Read 239 times)
Nov 10th, 2018 at 6:58pm

Brent   Offline
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Looking for some advise regarding the setup of a new oil pressure sensor.

Background: During test flight last weekend after a fuel tank leak repair, I suddenly had a drop in oil pressure just after liftoff. (dropped into the yellow range which it never does) Headed around to land and the pressure fluctuated a lot, and hit zero a few times. No temp increases, engine ran normally. After landing oil pressure recovered to normal. Could not find a problem on the ground/or during another runup. On next takeoff roll, it began to drop again, so I aborted and assumed it was just a bad sensor.

Just installed a KAVLICO 0-150psi sensor purchased from Dynon. P/N 101693-000. Updated Skyview EMS sensor page (screen shot below) at C37/P6 with what I think is the correct item on the menu. But I'm now getting a 14psi pressure reading on the ground without the engine running. Scratching my head as to why it isn't at/near zero. Have not started the engine yet.

I understand there are some errors in these pressure sensors (+/- 5%?) but 14psi doesn't seem normal. Is it possible they put a lower range sensor in the parts bag? (I forgot to look at the small print on the sensor itself). Is there another setting in Skyview that I missed updating...or did I mess up the sensor page in error? Does the wiring for the sensor for Skyview (standard Van's setup) need to be changed when switching to Kavlico sensors? Any ideas welcome.
thanks, Brent.

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Reply #1 - Nov 11th, 2018 at 12:57am

JakeJ   Offline

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Please read the instructions supplied with the sensor - that explains the 14 psi you see with engine off. Wink
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