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SkyView simultaneous multiple serial port failures (Read 209 times)
Nov 23rd, 2018 at 10:06am

Joe Dubner   Offline
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Independence, OR

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Dynon is closed for the holiday weekend so I thought I'd throw this out for help from the illuminati.

This is what my SkyView presented two hours into a 3-hour flight a few days ago:


Then it happened again four times in a half hour flight a couple of days later. Recycling power brought things back to normal -- for a short while.

After landing I phoned Dynon technical support with what I perceived to be a GPS (2020) failure. Steve in tech support support suggested checking the serial port (#5) activity and GPS fix quality, number of satellites, etc.

Not only was serial port #5 "dead" but the other four serial ports were dead too. (In retrospect, the "ADS-B IN OFFLINE" and "XPNDR FAIL" should have been a clue.)

So it appears all five serial ports fail simultaneously (on an intermittent basis) and this is not a relatively-simple GPS failure.

Normally I'd phone Dynon on Monday for an RMA but I'm 900 NM from home and I'd really like my transponder to work (so I can cruise above 10,000 MSL) not to mention the moving map and ADS-B weather.

Wish there was a SV screen available to borrow in the Phoenix area but that isn't going to happen Sad

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas on how to proceed? Perhaps open the unit and look for an unseated internal connector or other indications of a gross fault?  Anyone know how to read a proprietary Dynon Diagnostic File?


Independence, OR
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