Dynon “It’s not a Show Special” Special

Offer ends 7/31/2020

Are you the reason a fellow pilot is choosing Dynon?

For a limited time (6/10/2020 - 7/31/2020), if you’re a current Dynon or AFS customer, you can give your friend a $250 rebate off their Dynon SkyView or AF-5000 system purchase. And as a thank you for being a customer and for growing the Dynon fleet, we’ll send you a Dynon or Advanced windbreaker jacket too!

Why? Much of our yearly marketing budget and efforts are spent exhibiting at events to visit with you. With the cancellation of most 2020 events, we find ourselves with less opportunity to reach the next generation of Dynon pilots. But we already know that you - our passionate customers - are our best marketing assets. In these unprecedented times, you’re also in the best position to share your experiences flying behind our products with your fellow pilots.

How does it work?

When an existing Dynon or Advanced customer refers an eligible system purchase between 6/10/2020 and 7/31/2020, the new customer is eligible to receive a $250 rebate, and the existing customer is eligible for a Dynon or Advanced branded jacket.

After purchase, the new customer collects their proof of purchase and the existing customer’s information and submits them via the form on this page.

Dynon confirms eligibility and sends you both your promotional award.

About The Jacket

  • Walk around with the same jackets we do at shows! They’re awesome. We love ‘em. We wear them year round.
  • The jacket runs true-to-size. It’s on the fitted side of a standard fit. It isn’t “slim”, but it isn’t boxy or frumpy either.
  • This North Face Soft Shell jacket has a 9.1-oz, 100% polyester exterior.
  • Features a brushed, micro-gridded fleece interior for extra warmth.
  • Jackets have a water-repellant finish and are wind resistant.
  • Complete with an adjustable hem and zippered hand pockets.
  • The North Face® logo is embroidered on the left arm and right back shoulder.
  • FLYDYNON or ADVANCED logo on the left chest.

Claim your Rebate and Friend’s Referral Bonus

If you are a new customer, claim your rebate and the referral bonus jacket for your friend by filling out the following form. You will need the following information.

  • Complete contact information, including name, address phone, and email, for both the new customer and the existing customer/referrer.
  • Itemized proof-of-purchase in the form of an itemized receipt or invoice for Dynon/AF equipment.
  • Existing customer/referrer proof-of Dynon or AFS ownership. Any of the following are acceptable
    • Complete contact information, including name, shipping address address phone, and email, for both the new customer and the existing customer/referrer.
    • Proof-of-purchase in the form of an itemized receipt or invoice for your Dynon/AF system.

Submit Rebate/Bonus Form

Program Rules

  • Above all - we aim to be fair with this promotion. Please don’t game the system.
  • New Customer: End-customer buying a new SkyView or AF-5000 based system. Proof of purchase required.
  • Existing Customer/Referrer: Existing Dynon or AFS customer that refers a new customer’s system purchase.
  • Offer valid on SkyView HDX, SkyView Classic, SkyView SE, or AF-5000 purchases between 6/10/2020 and 7/31/2020.
  • System purchase must be for a complete SkyView system, nominally including a SkyView or AF display, SV-ADAHRS-200, and other system components. Dynon’s eligibility decisions are final.
  • Offer valid for individual end-customers of Dynon experimental, Dynon Certified, and Advanced Flight Systems customers. Offer not valid for Dynon employees or dealers.
  • New customer is responsible for collecting / submitting required documentation, referrer information, and filling out the rebate/referral bonus form.
  • Limit 3 referral awards (jackets) per existing customer/referrer.
  • Offer can not be combined with any other discount or promotion.
  • Offer must be redeemed by 2 weeks after the end of program.
  • Dynon reserves the right to amend or change program terms and conditions at any time.