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The following installation and user guides may refer to firmware newer than version installed on your product. Ensure that all your Dynon products are running the latest versions from the Downloads page. To view the .pdf documents linked to below, ensure that you have installed the free Adobe Reader.

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Autopilot Components
D1 / D2 Pocket Panel
D10/D100 Series
Angle-of-Attack Probes
DX15 Handheld Transceiver

Panel Planners

You can print out the Dynon D6/D10/D60/D100/D120/D180 Panel Planner brochure or the SkyView Catalog - the same ones we give out at air shows - to obtain life-size pictures of our products that you can use to lay out your panel. Be sure to select "no page scaling" in the Adobe Reader print dialog.


EFIS-D10A / EFIS-D100 EAA STC Documentation


See EAA's Low-cost Avionics STC Page for installation and maintenance instructions.
Installation guides for Experimental & LSA customers are further down on this page.

Pilot's User Guides

10/4/10 — EFIS-D10A Pilot's User Guide
10/4/10 — EFIS-D100 Pilot's User Guide


Users Guides

1/13/16 — SkyView Pilot's User Guide: Updated for SkyView 14.0 release. See new features here. A redline version of the manuals highlighting changes from the previous version is also available.

4/12/16 — SkyView SE Pilot's User Guide: Initial release for SkyView SE. See new features here.

Installation Guides

4/12/16 — SkyView & SkyView SE System Installation Guide: Updated for SkyView 14.0 release. A redline version of the manuals highlighting changes from the previous version is also available.

3/27/14 — SkyView Autopilot In-Flight Tuning Guide: Breaks out and vastly improves in-flight tuning and troubleshooting procedures for cockpit portability

3/27/14 — D10/D100 Series to SkyView Conversion Guide: A useful technical addendum for customers upgrading to SkyView from a D10 or D100 series product.

Templates for COM, INTERCOM, KNOB and AP Panels

Always check at least one vertical dimension and one horizontal dimension on any template to verify that the printed size is correct. When using Adobe Acrobat to print, ensure that "Page Scaling" is set to "None".

07/14/14 — Template for SV-COM-PANEL, SV-KNOB-PANEL, and SV-AP-PANEL.
07/14/14 — Template for SV-INTERCOM-2S.

SV-COM-C25/X83 SkyView VHF COM Radio

See the SkyView System Installation Guide and Pilot's User guides below for full installation and pilot user guide instructions. Drawings and templates:

04/19/13 — Control Panel Drawing with Panel Cutout Dimensions for both horizontal and vertical versions
04/19/13 — SV-COM-425 Transceiver Module Drawing and Dimensions (for SV-COM-C25 only)

Two-Place Stereo Intercom

05/30/13 — SV-INTERCOM-2S Installation and Pilot's User Guide
04/19/13 — SV-INTERCOM-2S Drawing with Panel Cutout Dimensions

Other Accessories and Small Parts

10/23/15 — AOA, Pitot, Static Plumbing Kit Installation Guide
11/30/15 — SV-LEVEL-BUTTON Installation Guide
12/02/15 — Wire Harness for SV-ADSB-470 - Connection Guide
12/02/15 — Wire Harness for SV-XPNDR-26X - Connection Guide

Sand-filled Solid CAD Models and 2D Drawings

The .IGS / .x_t files below are solid models. DXF files are 2D CAD files for panel cutouts.

10/05/16 — SV-HDX1100: .IGS , .x_t, DXF and PFD files
09/30/16 — SV-HDX800: DXF and PDF files
11/18/13 — SV-D1000: .IGS, .x_t and .DXF files
11/18/13 — SV-D700: .IGS, .x_t and .DXF files
11/18/13 — SV-COM-PANEL/V: .IGS , .x_t and .DXF files
11/18/13 — SV-COM-PANEL/H: .IGS , .x_t and .DXF files
11/18/13 — SV-INTERCOM-2S/V: .IGS , .x_t and .DXF files
11/18/13 — SV-INTERCOM-2S/H: .IGS , .x_t and .DXF files
05/20/14 — SV-AP-PANEL/H: .IGS, .x_t and .DXF files
05/20/14 — SV-AP-PANEL/V: .IGS, .x_t and .DXF files
05/20/14 — SV-KNOB-PANEL/H: .IGS , .x_t and .DXF files
05/20/14 — SV-KNOB-PANEL/V: .IGS , .x_t and .DXF files

Autopilot Components

The following guides provide enough information to mechanically and electrically install the servos in many aircraft. If we do not have an airplane-specific installation for your aircraft, the Generic Servo Kit (Push-Pull) or Capstan Servo (Cable-driven) instructions provide enough information to fabricate your own mounting brackets and assemble a working system.

A "live" version of this documentation is located at, where you may contribute corrections, suggestions, and feedback.

Installation. configuration, and usage instructions can be found in the new Installation and User Guides for your EFIS-based product(s) in the relevant sections below.

3/1/13 — Sonex/Waiex Roll Kit Installation Instructions
3/1/13 — Sonex/Waiex Pitch Kit Installation Instructions
2/5/13 — Servo Datasheet / Generic Servo Kit (Push-Pull) Installation Instructions
2/5/13 — Capstan Servo (Cable-driven) Installation Instructions
2/5/13 — RV-6 Roll Kit Installation Instructions
2/5/13 — RV-4/8 Pitch Kit Installation Instructions
4/17/15 — RV-7/8/10 Roll Kit Installation Instructions
9/3/15 — RV-9 Roll Kit Installation Instructions
2/5/13 — RV-6/7/9 Pitch Installation Instructions
2/5/13 — Legacy RV-10 Pitch Installation Instructions for kits that include a conventional AP servo. This is most RV-10 Pitch kits shipped before 10/1011
7/1/13 — RV-10 Pitch Installation Instructions for kits that include an SV42T "linear actuator/torque enhanced" servo
2/1/12 — Servo Limiting Bracket Installation Instructions

12/11/15 — Servo Shear Screw Replacement Instructions
2/25/13 — Servo Arm / Capstan Removal and Replacement Instructions

D1 and D2 Pocket Panel

02/06/13 — D1 Pilot's User Guide

10/7/2013 - D2 Pilot's User Guide
10/7/2013 - D2 Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide


D10/D100 Series


5/21/09 — EFIS-D6 Pilot's User's Guide
5/21/09 — EFIS-D6 Installation Guide


5/21/09 — EFIS-D60 Pilot's User's Guide
5/21/09 — EFIS-D60 Installation Guide


For Type Certificated retrofit applications, see EAA STC documentation above.

9/1/10 — EFIS-D10A Pilot's User's Guide
9/1/10 — EFIS-D10A Installation Guide (Experimental / LSA Only)
6/22/04 — EFIS-D10 to EFIS-D10A Upgrade Installation Guide (Experimental / LSA Only)


For Type Certificated retrofit applications, see EAA STC documentation above.

9/1/10 — EFIS-D100 Pilot's Users Guide
9/1/10 — EFIS-D100 Installation Guide (Experimental / LSA Only)
3/28/05 — EFIS-D100 Outline Drawing
6/1/06 — D100 Series Quick Start Guide (Experimental / LSA Only)

Additional Technical Addendums, White Papers, and Guides

3/3/16 — Engine sensors That Can Be Selected In Dynon Avionics EMS-D10, EMS-D120, and FlightDEK-D180. A consolidated list of supported sensors and the type (number) that you'd select within product setup.
12/16/15 — Dynon Avionics Product Support Program Guide and FAQ. A comprehensive guide on how to use the Dynon Support program to update, load checklist, and perform other operations on D10/D100 series products.
11/4/15 — Addendum for Kavlico Sensors Kavlico Engine Pressure Sensors (oil, fuel, coolant) require different wiring from our previous sensors. This addendum to our EMS manuals contains the required connections for both SkyView and EMS-D10/EMS-D120/FlightDEK-D180.
4/27/12 — Pitot Static Test Procedures When performing a pitot/static test on a Dynon system, the procedure must be done in a prescribed way to avoid inducing errors into the dynamic performance of the system.


9/1/10 — EMS-D10 Pilot's User's Guide
9/1/10 — EMS-D10 Installation Guide


9/1/10 — EMS-D120 Pilot's User Guide
9/1/10 — EMS-D120 Installation Guide
3/28/06 — EMS-D120 Outline Drawing
6/1/06 — D100 Series Quick Start Guide


9/1/10 — FlightDEK-D180 Pilot's User Guide
9/1/10 — FlightDEK-D180 Installation Guide
3/28/06 — FlightDEK-D180 Outline Drawing
6/1/06 — D100 Series Quick Start Guide


HS34 and AP74 operation information is discussed throughout the latest Pilot's User Guides. HS34 and AP74 installation information is discussed in the appendices of the EFIS-D10A, EFIS-D100, and FlightDEK-D180 Installation Guides.
11/13/08 — HS34 Basic Operation Guide and Mounting Template
11/13/08 — AP74 Basic Operation Guide and Panel Mounting Template
10/23/09 — AP74 Mounting Tray Dimensions


5/25/05 — EFIS-D10 User's Guide
10/12/05 — EFIS-D10 Installation Guide
6/22/04 — EFIS-D10 to EFIS-D10A Upgrade Installation Guide
1/08/04 — OAT Installation and Usage Guide
8/27/03 — Internal Compass Download instructions
8/23/03 — Remote Compass Download Instructions

AOA/Pitot Probes

9/12/16 — Heated and Unheated AOA/Pitot Probe Installation Guide - Also includes documentation for Dynon Pitot Mount and Pitot/Static/AOA Pneumatic Installation Kit. Note that heated/AOA Pitot Probes purchased before October 2014 are eligable for replacement. See the Technical Service Bulletin for details.

6/2/09 — Boom-mount AOA/Pitot Dimensions

DX15 Handheld VHF Air Band Transceiver

4/21/2011 - DX15 User Guide