What's New in SkyView HDX Software

SkyView Software

Version Date Released Changes
15.2.0 6/13/2017

NEW: A fourth size of EMS widgets has been added which has larger text for displaying values and labels than any of the other three sizes. The overall size of the widget remains the same as the largest of the other three sizes, and thus, the graphical area of widget is reduced in size to make way for larger text. For EGT and CHT widgets, just the label text increases in size, as there is not enough space to make the value text any larger.

Improved: The airspeed indicator in six-pack mode now has a number of new automatically-set maximum indicated speed settings. The maximum chosen is based on 105% of the configured Vne.

Improved: The altimeter in six-pack mode now shows 1,000’ and 10,000’ hands.

Improved: OAT now supports temps as low as -40F/C.

Improved: Exporting user data logs no longer exports firmware update history logs, which had limited end user value. This means that the "clear all data" operation now clears all data that the user can export. History logs are still available in the diagnostic file export.

Fixed: Transponder software updated to version 2.11. This version incorporates different speed thresholds for auto air/ground transitions for gliders. Also, the IDENT timer is now restarted each time the IDENT button is pressed.

Fixed: A bug where certain city names could cause SkyView to restart.

Fixed: A bug where performing an in-flight compass calibration could cause SkyView to restart.

Fixed: APT->COM button is no longer shown for airports that do not have any COM frequencies.

15.1.0 3/23/2017

NEW: Support for SV-ADSB-472 Dual Band Traffic and Weather Receiver. Customers upgrading from the SV-ADSB-470 should update the device under serial port setup to SV-ADSB-472

NEW: Yaw Damper now available on SkyView Classic, Touch, and HDX.

NEW: VPX now supported in SkyView HDX, with HDX-specific buttons and UI. When licensed, VPX is available in the Display menu.

NEW: Vmc and Vyse airspeed limitations for multi-engine operators.

NEW: HDX reversionary mode. HDX display can now revert to a specific display layout when all other screens in the system are offline.

NEW: The new Rotax 912iS FAULTS menu lists every device and sensor status bit available from the ECUs. It can be found under MENU > EMS TOOLS > FAULTS on SkyView HDX and EMS > FAULTS on SkyView Classic/Touch displays.

NEW: Display swap feature now available on SkyView HDX systems.

NEW: A new QWERTY keyboard layout is now available on both SkyView Touch and HDX systems.

Improved: Airport Flags on the PFD can now be turned on and off.

Improved: Checklist items can now be scrolled through and highlighted. Cursor position is remembered on subsequent page viewings.

Improved: On HDX, navigation on the weight and balance page can be performed with the cursor knob as well as touch.

Improved: Weight and balance now supports metric units.

Improved: When ETE to the next or final waypoint is less than an hour, it is know shown in minutes:seconds.

Improved: Rotax 912iS users can now now get data from their separate fuel flow sensor (instead of the ECU’s measurement) into the user data-logging and serial output streams when pin 14 is configured for fuel flow.

Improved: The Weight and Balance calculator now includes a zero fuel line which computes the worst case landing CG.

Improved: Consistency of some HDX page titles and menu labels.

Improved: Certain kinds of unusual system errors are automatically recovered from and reported as system events.

Improved: To reduce erroneous messages during takeoff, the "GPS ASSIST" alert will now only trigger when the aircraft is in air and has changed at least 200 feet of altitude change since before it was in air.

Improved: Serial output stream now reports Rotax 912iS EGT values.

Improved: To remove ambiguity, vertical speed required guidance is only overlaid on the VSI when HSI source is set to SkyView.

Improved: Center frequencies were previously filtered from appearing on the ATC button of the comm radio unless you are in-air. The restriction has been removed and center frequencies will now appear on the ATC button regardless of whether you are in-air or on the ground.

Improved: Starting with cycle 1702 of PocketFMS databases, SkyView will draw certain non-US airspaces of the following types according to their airspace class rather than airspace type if class information is available, and otherwise, by type:
- CTA: Control Area
- CTR, SRZ: Control Zone
- TMA: Terminal Control Area
- TIZ: Traffic Information Zone
- TIA: Traffic Information Area

Improved: AWIS frequencies are accessible from the ATIS button on the comm radio and visible on the INFO page COM tab. This primarily affects non-US customers using PocketFMS databases.

Improved: FIA frequencies are accessible from the ATC button when in air, and are shown on the INFO page COM tab labeled as CENTER. This primarily affects non-US customers using PocketFMS databases.

Fixed: To/from and desired track indications could be reversed in rare cases (flight plans that involve polar routes).

Fixed: Visiting the plates tab under info would cause the map window to go into expanded mode, which would cause it to incorrectly displace half the bottom EMS and the info column.

Fixed: When editing the weight at a station on the weight and balance page, overweight or otherwise out of bounds conditions would not turn red until editing was completed. The value now changes to red during editing.

Fixed: Traffic on HDX displays could be displaced a small amount on the horizontal axis.

Fixed: The vertical CHT widget would incorrectly show differential temperatures (like the EGTs, which should) which when leaning mode was turned on.

Fixed: On HDX, the (MAP) knob always control range, even when items are selected on the map. When multiple items on the map are selected, individual items can be viewed by touching the left and right arrows on the information box.

Fixed: The corresponding end-time fields update correctly when the time basis for a maintenance log entry is changed.

Fixed: When used, the cursor on the Display Layout menu would not reset after an option is selected.

Fixed: When in pitot/static test mode, multiple ADAHRS systems wouldn’t always show both ADAHRS’ set of primary flight instruments.

Fixed: Executing a DTO to an item in the INFO > RECENT list after initially viewing the Map Pointer of MAP00 waypoint on the Info page would not result in the correct destination waypoint.

Fixed: Extremely quick-fingered pilots might be able to press a key (such as direct-to) a second time before the first press is processed, leading to unexpected behavior.

Fixed: Under extremely rare circumstances - when a NAV radio is active, tuned to a VOR or ILS and providing an ident that matches a nearby facility in SkyView's aviation database, and an aviation database is imported - the SkyView could restart and trigger an erroneous “system event 3” alert.

Fixed: Default widget config for EMS arc widgets with corner values, such as the default, bottom EMS band, are now saved in exported and imported configuration files.

15.0.4 12/13/2016

New: Initial shipping version for SV-HDX800 displays.

Improved: Support for existing OEM splash screens added to SkyView HDX.

Fixed: PocketFMS databases are able to load onto SkyView HDX displays.

Fixed: Corrected an issue where Advanced Control Module-equipped systems would not clear a Low Batt message. Only affects displays installed in Advanced Quick Panels.

15.0.3 11/21/2016

Improved: Re-implemented a round HSI rather than oval shape.

Fixed: Exiting maintenance log in SkyView Touch caused SkyView displays to show incorrect engine monitoring scheme.

Fixed: Left clicking out of maintenance log in SkyView Classic or Touch caused an incorrect com frequency panel.

Fixed: Entering some Australian tail number suffix caused the transponder hex code to change to 0 and not allow editing.

Fixed: ADAHRS cross-check compare function improperly caused the bottom menu to change back to main menu.

15.0.2 11/3/2016

Fixed: Airports chosen via the "recent" list were not properly selected when other info tabs were selected (ie APT, RWY, COM, and RMK)

15.0 10/31/2016

New: Initial shipping software version for HDX.