What's New in SkyView HDX Software

SkyView Software

Version Date Released Changes
15.0.4 12/13/2016

New: Initial shipping version for SV-HDX800 displays.

Improved: Support for existing OEM splash screens added to SkyView HDX.

Fixed: PocketFMS databases are able to load onto SkyView HDX displays.

Fixed: Corrected an issue where Advanced Control Module-equipped systems would not clear a Low Batt message. Only affects displays installed in Advanced Quick Panels.

15.0.3 11/21/2016

Improved: Re-implemented a round HSI rather than oval shape.

Fixed: Exiting maintenance log in SkyView Touch caused SkyView displays to show incorrect engine monitoring scheme.

Fixed: Left clicking out of maintenance log in SkyView Classic or Touch caused an incorrect com frequency panel.

Fixed: Entering some Australian tail number suffix caused the transponder hex code to change to 0 and not allow editing.

Fixed: ADAHRS cross-check compare function improperly caused the bottom menu to change back to main menu.

15.0.2 11/3/2016

Fixed: Airports chosen via the "recent" list were not properly selected when other info tabs were selected (ie APT, RWY, COM, and RMK)

15.0 10/31/2016

New: Initial shipping software version for HDX.