EFIS-D6 Firmware Revision Log

If you have just updated to SkyView 13.0, update your Seattle Avionics data manager so that it can download en-route charts in the new 13.0+ format. (this is normally done automatically, but the Seattle Avionics official data manager self-update is pending)

Through a unique Dynon-subsidized program, Dynon is excited to offer Seattle Avionics' geo-referenced Sectionals, IFR Lo and High, Approach / Departure Procedure Charts and Airport Diagrams (including thousands of Flight Guide diagrams) at unprecedented pricing of $99 per year. This includes both VFR and IFR data in one flat rate. Only one subscription is needed per airplane. Most charts and diagrams are geo-referenced, which allows SkyView to display the aircraft’s location superimposed on each chart.

To purchase and use charts:

1) You will need a dedicated and specially-prepared USB memory stick for each display in your aircraft. See this page for more information on obtaining and preparing USB memory sticks.

2) ChartData subscriptions, along with the download manager needed to obtain charts/airport diagrams and put them on your USB memory sticks are available directly from Seattle Avionics. To purchase ChartData, go to Seattle Avionics and follow the instructions on the Seattle Avionics website to purchase and install Seattle Avionics ChartData on your USB memory stick(s) that have been prepared per the above procedure. If you encounter any technical problems during this process, please contact Seattle Avionics (425.806.0249) for technical support.

After you have installed ChartData to your USB memory sticks, simply connect them to your SkyView display(s) to enable charting capabilities. The USB memory stick(s) must be left connected to your SkyView display(s) during normal use for charts to be available.

Charts that are related to airports, such as approach charts, procedures, airport diagrams, and similar can be found under the CHARTS tab of the airport INFO page.

Enroute-charts suych as sectionals, ICAO charts, and IFR LO/HI (products vary by region) can be overlaid on SkyView by going to MAP > LAYERS, and then selecting the layer you would like to see.

Notes about SkyView's Mapping Capabilities

Note: The MAP menu will not appear unless an aviation database is installed and the Map Page is displayed.

The chart subscriptions detailed on this page add chart and airport diagram data to SkyView. To display this data on the SkyView map page, you must have an active GPS signal, a Navigation Mapping Software license (or unexpired 30 flight hour trial that comes with every SkyView system), and the appropriate aviation databases already installed.

SkyView contains a 30 flight hour free trial of the SkyView Navigation Mapping Software. The Navigation Mapping Software must be purchased in order to continue to use it after the trial period ends. Only one Navigation Mapping Software license purchase is required per airplane ($500). Licenses can be purchased from Dynon Avionics or any authorized dealers.