Dynon Portable Pocket Panels

Latest Pocket Panel Software

Software Version Updated Action
D2 Pocket Panel Software Version 2.1.0728 December 13, 2016 DOWNLOAD
D1 Pocket Panel Software Version 1.1.1299 December 13, 2016 DOWNLOAD

Software Update Procedures

To update Pocket Panel software:
  1. Check the version of software currently loaded on your D2. The software version is displayed for a few seconds at the bottom of the screen immediately after you press the rocker to acknowledge the safety message upon power on. It is also displayed in the Settings Menu.
  2. Compare that version number against the version on this website below. If the version number available here is numerically higher than the one your D2 currently has, download the current version from this page.
  3. Copy the downloaded .d1s file to an SD card (not included). Put the file on a blank SD card.
  4. Fully insert the SD card into the D2 until it clicks into place, with the SD Card label facing the back of the D2. You may need to use a small, thin tool - a US quarter works well - to fully engage and click the SD card in the slot.
  5. Power on the D2.
  6. The D2 will automatically update and display further instructions and status.
  7. Remove the SD card once the update is complete. Restart the D2 using the Power Button.
  8. Confirm that the software is up to date by confirming that the version number shown at power on matches the version you downloaded from the Dynon website.
D1/D2 Software Release Notes / Change Logs

D1 Version 1.1.1299 and D2 Version 2.1.0728: Fixed: Issue that caused internal GPS to not establish a GPS fix in certain areas outside the US. This issue was observed in Australia and Japan.

D2 Version 2.0.0722: (not released to the web) This release supports changes to production. This release contains no bug fixes or feature improvements.

D1 Version 1.0.1296: This release fixes an issue in version D1 software vesrion 1.0.1263 that causes the battery charging indicator to not indicate the battery level or charging state properly. This bug was only present in D1 software version 1.0.1263 and should only be loaded by customers that had previously loaded 1.0.1263 to fix the external GPS reciever issue that version fixed. The D2 software was not affected by this issue.

D1 Version 1.0.1263 and D2 Version 2.0.0719: This release resolves a compatibility issue with some external GPS receivers that shipped with D1 and D2 units purchased between approximately January and April 2014. The incompatibility would cause the GPS signal strength to show no bars and the flight instruments to "red-X" even though a GPS position solution was actually available. Customers who purchased D1 and D2 Pocket Panels during this time period are encouraged to install this software update. Those who do not attach the external receiver are unaffected. Customers with older D1 and D2 units will likely see no difference in operation if they install this update.

D1 Version 1.0.0629: Improved sensor filtering to eliminate vibration-induced roll bias in some aircraft and to further stabilize the attitude display in light turbulence for most aircraft.

D1 Version 1.0.0574: Release to suport Dynon production process changes. This release contains no bug fixes or feature improvements.

D1 Version 1.0.0417: Fixed issue that caused GPS ground speed to read zero above 416 knots.

D1 Version 1.0.0323: Initial Release.