Discontinued Products

The following products are no longer manufactured or sold by Dynon Avionics. They are still supported by Dynon. Contact technical support for repair and replacement needs.


Discontinued Product Product Successor
SkyView Touch SkyView HDX
SkyView Classic SkyView HDX
SkyView SE SkyView HDX
SV-ADSB-470 Traffic and Weather Receiver SV-ADSB-472 Dual Band Traffic and Weather Receiver

Pocket Panel EFIS

Discontinued Product Product Successor
D1 Pocket Panel D3 Pocket Panel
D2 Pocket Panel D3 Pocket Panel

D10/D100 Series Products
The EFIS-D100, EMS-D120, and FlightDEK-D180 are no longer available. Some accessories for this product line remain available. The following table shows the product successor for the discontinued models where applicable.

Discontinued Product Product Successor
EFIS-D60 SuperBright SkyView HDX
EFIS-D100 SkyView HDX
EMS-D120 SuperBright SkyView HDX
FlightDEK-D180 SkyView HDX
HS34 HSI Expansion Module
AP74 Dedicated Autopilot Interface Module (V/H)
AP74 Mounting Tray
EDC-D10A Remote Compass
Encoder Converter Module
Simplified Primary Wiring Harness
GPS-251 GPS Antenna/Receiver Module for EFIS D10/D100 Series
Primary Wiring Harness for D6/D60/D10A/D100/D180 Series EFIS/FlightDEK

Other Discontinued Products

Discontinued Product
DRX Portable Dual Band ADS-B Receiver