Dynon D3 Portable Pocket Panels

Latest D3 Pocket Panel Software

Software Version Updated Action
D3 Pocket Panel Software Version 1.2.1 February 7, 2019 DOWNLOAD

Software Update Procedures

To update Pocket Panel software:
  1. Verify the battery is at least 30% charged before updating.
  2. Check the version of your current software on your D3 under Menu > Settings > Version.
  3. If the version number on this page is higher than the one your D3 currently has, download the current version here.
  4. Copy the downloaded file to a USB drive (not included). The drive may be formatted in the FAT, FAT32, or exFAT (most drives come preformatted in one of these formats).
  5. While the D3 is powered off, use the USB-C adapter (included) to connect the USB drive to the D3.
  6. Power on the D3.
  7. The D3 will automatically update and display further instructions and status.
  8. Remove the USB drive and adapter once the update is complete and restart the D3.
  9. Confirm that the software is up to date by confirming that the version number under Menu > Settings > Version matches the version you downloaded from the Dynon website.
D3 Software Release Notes / Change Logs

D3 Version 1.2.1:
Improved: G-meter is now available in the absence of a GPS fix.
Fixed: An issue where synthetic vision would rarely cause the display to turn blue and become unresponsive.
Fixed: An issue that could cause the D3 to display incorrect GPS ground track when connected to its external GPS receiver/antenna.

D3 Version 1.1.0:
Improved: Slip/skid ball behavior and smoothness.
Improved: Turn rate improved to be less sensitive.
Fixed: HORIZON RECOVERING displayed in pitch/roll adjust when inertial limits are exceeded.
Fixed: An issue that caused magnetic variance for GPS track to be set incorrectly.
Fixed: An issue where large changes in GPS coordinates could cause D3 to crash.
Fixed: An issue where synthetic vision would sometimes not display.
Fixed: D3 now indicates if calibration values are missing or invalid.
Fixed: Dynamic calibration adjustments are now properly stored.

D3 Version 1.0.0:
Initial Release.