Aviation/Obstacles Databases for non-US Customers

PocketFMS AeroData Subscriptions (Non-US Customers Worldwide)

Pocket FMS Logo The PocketFMS Foundation has been providing worldwide aeronautical data since 2003. AeroData is professionally maintained and updated for SkyView every 28 days, and is available as a yearly subscription including obstacles for €119. Coverage encompasses Europe, North America (including Canada), Australia, and New Zealand. It includes Aviation data (including visual reporting points) and obstacle data.

Note that this subscription does not include charts/airport diagrams. To obtain both AeroData and European charts, a PocketFMS Frequent Flyer subscription is required. This costs €150 (€31 more than AeroData alone). Additionally, if you were a PocketFMS AeroData subscriber as of the release of European charts prior to Dec 2013, your account was upgraded to a Frequent Flyer subscription for the duration of your existing subscription. See the section on Charts and Airport Diagrams on this page for additional information.

To order and download PocketFMS AeroData, visit their web site HERE
Jeppesen NavData® and Obstacle Data Services (Non-US Customers Worldwide)

Jeppesen Logo Aviation and obstacle data for customers outside the US is also available from Jeppesen. For database subscription information, please visit the Jeppesen site, or call at one of the following numbers.

US & Canada: 1-866-498-0213 (Toll-Free) | 1-303-328-4030 (Direct)
United Kingdom: 0 (800) 085 5377 (Toll-Free) | +44 1293 842404 (Direct)
Europe (except UK), Middle East, Africa and Asia: +49 6102 5070 (Direct)
Australia: +61 07 3105 9480 (Direct)

Data for US customers is provided by Dynon Avionics for no fee. See our US Data for customers in the US.