Builder Support Products

All the items you may need to get you in the air faster.

Dynon Builder Support Products are designed to help pilots get from "first dream to first flight" as quickly as possible. These products and accessories eliminate obstacles that builders face as they craft their dream panel.

Pitot/Static/AOA Pneumatic Installation Kit

  • 2 x 102559-000, Static Port Alum 3/8" NPT
  • 2 x 102630-000, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Strt Female 1/4" OD PTC X 1/8" NPT
  • 6 x 102631-000, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Strt Male 1/4" OD PTC X 1/8" NPT
  • 2 x 102631-001, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Elbow Male 1/4" OD PTC X 1/8" NPT
  • 25' x 102632-000, Tube Pneumatic Polyethylene 0.17 ID X .25 OD BLU
  • 25' x 102632-001, Tube Pneumatic Polyethylene 0.17 ID X .25 OD GRN
  • 35' x 102632-002, Tube Pneumatic Polyethylene 0.17 ID X .25 OD Natural
  • 3 x 102639-000, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Y Union 1/4" OD
  • 1 x 102639-001, Fitting Tube Pneumatic T Union 1/4" OD
  • 1 x 102641-000, Tube Cutter
  • 30 x 102642-000, Snap Bushing
  • 2 x 102643-000, Sleeve Alum Coupling Tube 3/16" OD
  • 2 x 102644-000, Fitting Alum Flared Tube and Pipe Thread 3/16" OD

102628-000$125 BUY NOW

Pitot Mount Bracket - Vans RV Kits 7, 8, 9, 10

Mounting bracket for Dynon Avionics AOA pitot tube, both heated and unheated version. (Profile for standard AN5812 pitot tubes.)

Kit includes a small support bracket and a cutting template for the skin penetration.

Fully installation instructions are included in the SkyView System Installation Guide.

102813-000$95 BUY NOW

Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit

  • 1 x Secondary ADAHRS Mounting Plate
  • 3 x #4-40 x 3/8" FH SS Screw
  • 4 x #8-32 X 3/8" Pan Head SS Screw
  • 4 x #8 SS Lock Washer Int Tooth

102532-000$39 BUY NOW


10' long; 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only; Aircraft Grade Tefzel(R) Wiring Internally illuminated (backlit) dedicated button for activating the "LEVEL" mode in SkyView's integrated Autopilot.

Included 60" harness will support location of the button nearly anywhere on a typical instrument panel. Also included is an in-line resister necessary for installation in aircraft systems with 24 VDC.

Functions with the SkyView system only.

(Will not function with D10A-D100 Series EFIS/Autopilot systems)

102553-000$39 BUY NOW


SV-HARNESS-XPNDR Harness for SV-XPNDR-261/262 Transponder. 15' long.

102558-000$65 BUY NOW


SV-HARNESS-ADSB Harness for SV-ADSB-470 and SV-ADSB-472 ADS-B Receiver. 15' long.

102629-000$55 BUY NOW

Transponder Antenna

Rod type (1090 MHz)

102608-000$29 BUY NOW

ADS-B Receiver (UAT) Antenna

Rod type (978 MHz)

102607-000$29 BUY NOW

SkyView Panel-mount screws

Qty 30

102487-000$3.50 BUY NOW

Panel Module Faceplate (Blank)

Includes 4 panel mount screws and 1 blank faceplate.

102542-000$24 BUY NOW

Connector Kit: Male, D-sub 9-pin

Includes connector, pins, connector shell, nut pack, and thumb-screw set.

100830-000$8 BUY NOW

Connector Kit: Male, D-sub 25-pin

Includes connector, pins, connector shell, nut pack, and thumb-screw set.

100830-002$15 BUY NOW

Connector Kit: Female, D-sub 9-pin

Includes connector, pins, connector shell, nut pack, and thumb-screw set.

100831-000$8 BUY NOW

Connector Kit: Female, D-sub 15-pin

Includes connector, pins, connector shell, nut pack, and thumb-screw set.

100831-001$11 BUY NOW

Connector Kit: Female, D-sub 25-pin

Includes connector, pins, connector shell, nut pack, and thumb-screw set.

100831-002$15 BUY NOW

DB9 Male/Male Adapter (Network Bypass Adapter)

Used to connect two female SkyView network cables so that the network signal is not broken. Useful when replacing units or re-configuring a system.

101267-000$15 BUY NOW

SkyView Dimmer Module

The SV-KNOB-DIMMER allows the brightness level of SkyView / SkyView SE displays, and Dynon Avionics panel units, to be adjusted incrementally.

102801-000$90 BUY NOW

Intercom Harness

A complete audio harness solution to connect a SV-INTERCOM-2S to a Dynon COM radio, SkyView displays, headsets, and other audio inputs.

102791-000$220 BUY NOW

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pitot Mount Bracket FAQs
Which airplanes does this work with?
It was designed to be installed in the RV 7,8,9 and 10 but will most likely work with several other aircraft types. A small amount of modification might be required but the design is simple and can accommodate most aircraft designs.
Will it fit any pitot tube or just the Dynon pitot tube?
The design accommodates the standard AN5812 mounting profile found on most pitot tubes.
It looks yellow, is it painted? What is it coated with?
The mount is made from aircraft grade aluminum and plated with a Gold Alodine(tm) to prevent corrosion and make it ready for paint. If you wish to polish it you can simply remove the finish with any aluminum polishing compound.
How does it mount?
Detailed mounting instructions are available through our website and are contained in the Pitot Tube Installation Guide. Dynon includes a cut-out template with each order.
Is it welded? I heard there were problems with welded pitot mounts.
Yes the assembly is welded. Dynon tested several different methods for attaching the parts together and using a large welded fillet was by far the best method.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

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