D6/D60/D10A/D100/D180 Internal Li-Ion Backup Battery

For D10/D100 series EFIS units only; does not function with EMS-D10/D120

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It's surprising how many aircraft experience power failures. Redundant systems addressing this can often be costly, complex and heavy. One way to keep flying safely without adding a lot of weight, complexity or cost is to simply add an optionally available internal back up battery to the EFIS or FlightDEK itself. This battery will automatically take over powering the instrument should main power fail, thus enabling continued flight until you can safely reach the next airport.

The battery and charging circuitry are conveniently encased within the EFIS itself and automatically charge that battery anytime external power is applied. A separate, user serviceable door on the instrument case facilitates easily battery installation and removal at any time.

Li-Ion Battery
SKU: 100096-000


Additional Information

Additional Information

How it works: Any time the EFIS loses its primary power, a message is instantly posted on the screen to alert the pilot that the instrument will be shutting down within 30 seconds unless further action is taken. A simple press of any button on the instrument continues operation on battery power.

Power failures really happen: More than one pilot has called to thank us for this life saving feature. While we often think it will never happen to us, statistics suggest otherwise. Dynon advocates builders implement some sort of backup that will enable continued safe flight independent of whether the aircraft experiences a power failure or the instrument itself fails.



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