New! Dynon Software Improves IMC Reliability for Rock-Solid IFR Performance

Dynon Avionics, Inc. announces immediate availability of software version 5.1.

Woodinville, WA, USA, May 26, 2009 - Dynon Avionics, Inc. today announced the release of new software version 5.1 for their EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) and EMS (Engine Monitoring System) products. This software upgrade is available free to all existing EFIS-D10A, EFIS-D100, FlightDEK-D180, EMS-D10, and EMS-D120 customers and will ship with new instruments.

Download the new firmware at our Software Downloads page.


Dynon Avionics EFISs are installed in thousands of aircraft and are used in everything from VFR-equipped Cub replicas to technically advanced aircraft capable of “hard” IFR. With this latest software update, the ADAHRS (Air Data, Attitude, Heading Reference System) inside every Dynon EFIS receives a significant and free performance upgrade with the ability to provide a reliable artificial horizon even when major systems in the aircraft have failed.

Dynon’s ADAHRS has previously required a valid airspeed reading through connections to the pitot/static system in order to maintain an accurate attitude in all flight regimes. Airspeed data gives Dynon’s products class-leading performance, allowing its attitude indicator to recover in ways most others can not. For example, Dynon EFIS systems can be powered up or rebooted in-flight and provide accurate attitude indication within seconds of coming online. Additionally, even after aggressive aerobatics at extreme rates, the attitude indication on a Dynon EFIS system automatically returns to full capability seconds after the aircraft is returned to lower rate, coordinated flight. These capabilities are automatic and require no pilot input whatsoever.

Historically, the attitude indication provided by a Dynon EFIS would become less accurate if airspeed became unavailable to the system. Though such a failure is extremely unlikely (especially when an IFR-equipped aircraft is equipped with a heated pitot), Dynon has endeavored to make its products as robust as possible when faced with system failures.

When a Dynon Avionics EFIS is upgraded to version 5.1 and has a GPS connected to it, GPS ground speed can be automatically substituted for airspeed when the EFIS detects that the airspeed indication has failed (usually because of an iced, blocked, or otherwise disconnected pitot). When this happens, the EFIS annunciates that its attitude indication is in a “GPS Assist” mode. The EFIS display also shows GPS ground speed next to the failed airspeed indication to help the pilot maintain situational awareness. Most importantly, when in GPS Assist mode, the attitude provided by Dynon EFIS systems continues to be accurate.


With the 5.1 update, Dynon’s recently-released autopilot also receives enhanced IFR capability:

True Preselects

When a Dynon Autopilot is configured with the optional panel-mounted AP74 Dedicated Autopilot Interface Module, pilots can configure the way that that the autopilot engages to enable true preselecting of magnetic heading, GPS ground track, or Altitude targets before the autopilot is engaged. This allows pilots to pre-set their direction and altitude targets in anticipation of ATC clearances, reducing workload in IFR flight.

VOR / Localizer Autopilot Tracking

The Dynon Autopilot can now fly VORs and the localizer (lateral) component of ILS approaches! With this added capability - formerly only available on autopilots costing many thousands more - Dynon once again redefines the Autopilot price / performance equation.

GPS Steering

When paired with a capable IFR GPS unit (such as the popular Garmin 430/530 series) and Dynon’s HS34 HSI expansion module, GPS steering (GPSS) commands are now followed by the Dynon Autopilot when available. GPS Steering commands allow the Dynon Autopilot to benefit from the advanced navigation features available in modern IFR GPSs. One of the popular features this enables is the ability for the Autopilot to “cut the corner” when approaching waypoints instead of first overflying them before turning.

About Dynon Avionics

Founded in 2000, Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Continuing a tradition started with the introduction of their first Electronic Flight Information System “glass panel”, Dynon is committed to developing innovative and high-quality avionics at affordable prices for all pilots.

For more information about Dynon Avionics Inc., please contact Robert Hamilton, Sales and Marketing Manager, at 425-402-0433 or Email .

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