Geo-Referenced Charts for Australia from OzRunways

OzRunways offer their Hybrid VFR map for Australia that combines all WAC, VNC, VTC and insets. The maps are updated every six months at $19 per edition. OzRunways charts can be purchased on their website.

Using charts on your SkyView system

After you have installed chart data to your USB memory sticks, simply connect them to your SkyView display(s) to enable charting capabilities. The USB memory stick(s) must be left connected to your SkyView display(s) during normal use for charts to be available.

Charts that are related to airports, such as approach charts, procedures, airport diagrams, and similar can be found under the CHARTS tab of the airport INFO page.

Enroute-charts such as sectionals, ICAO charts, and IFR LO/HI (products vary by region) can be overlaid on SkyView by going to MAP > LAYERS, and then selecting the layer you would like to see.