Obtaining and Preparing USB drives for use with Seattle Avionics ChartData

This page applies to both US and European customers of Seattle Avionics ChartData subscriptions. If you have a PocketFMS Frequent Flyer Europe charts subscription, see this PAGE instead..

Chart/Airport Diagram Database Storage via USB

Unlike other databases that are stored in SkyView's internal drive, charts and airport diagrams, because of their large size, must be stored on a USB memory stick that remains connected to SkyView during use.

To utilize this feature, you'll need a suitable USB memory stick for each SkyView display in the aircraft. Dynon Avionics recommends 16 GB or larger USB memory sticks.

USB memory sticks such as the SanDisk Cruzer Fit series are so short and light that they actually could be mistaken for a USB port "cap". When connected to SkyView's USB harness, rear USB ports, or other panel-mounted ports, they protrude only a few millimeters from the USB port. These are available from retailers such as Amazon for under $15 each: Amazon Product Link.
Note that the USB memory stick that came with your SkyView display does not have sufficient storage to be used for storing charts and airport diagrams.

Preparing USB Memory Sticks for Use

After obtaining a USB memory stick, prepare it for use with Seattle Avionics’ Data Manager chart downloader application by creating a folder called SkyViewUS in in the root, or base folder, of the USB memory stick drive. To accomplish this in most modern versions of Microsoft Windows:
  1. Connect your USB memory stick to your PC.
  2. The USB memory stick should appear as a drive under My Computer or Computer menu item in the start menu. Double click on that drive.
  3. If there is a “New Folder” button visible, press that. Otherwise, right-click within the empty drive and select “New”, and then “Folder”.
  4. If you are subscribing to US ChartData, name this folder SkyViewUS . This folder must be all one word, and the S, V, and US in SkyViewUS must all be capitalized.
  5. If you are subscribing to European ChartData from Seattle Avionics, name this folder SkyViewEU. This folder must be all one word, and the S, V, and EU in SkyViewEU must all be capitalized.
  6. Repeat this process for each USB memory stick you have. One is needed for each SkyView display in your system.
  7. Your USB memory stick(s) are now prepared for use with Seattle Avionics Data Manager application, which downloads charts and airport diagrams from the internet and copies them onto your USB memory stick(s).
  8. More information about purchasing a Seattle Avionics ChartData Subscription is available here.

Purchasing and Using Seattle Avionics ChartData (currently US-Only)

Geo-referenced ChartData is available to Dynon Avionics customers with unprecedented pricing though a unique sponsorship agreement between Dynon and Seattle Avionics. All of the Seattle Avionics approach/departure procedure charts, as well as FAA and Flight Guide airport diagrams available in the US, are all available for a flat fee of $119 per year. This includes both VFR and IFR data in one flat rate. Only one subscription is needed per airplane.

To purchase ChartData, go to Seattle Avionics and follow the instructions on the Seattle Avionics website to purchase and install Seattle Avionics ChartData on your USB memory stick(s) that have been prepared per the above procedure. If you encounter any technical problems during this process, please contact Seattle Avionics (425.806.0249) for technical support.

After you have installed ChartData to your USB memory sticks, simply connect them to your SkyView display(s) to enable charting capabilities. The USB memory stick(s) must be left connected to your SkyView display(s) during normal use for charts to be available.
Note that SkyView only allows one USB memory stick to be connected to a display at a time. Any other USB memory stick – such as the one that you normally use for SkyView software and database updates – must be disconnected from your SkyView system before connecting your ChartData-equipped USB sticks.
However, it should be noted that you CAN use your ChartData-equipped memory sticks to install software updates and other SkyView-supported Databases as you normally would.