SkyView Engine Sensor Definitions - What's New

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Released with SkyView Version Date Released Changes


(version 68996)

Added: Beta support for UL Power CAN interface to ECU.



(version 68298)

Added: Support for new Kavlico 50 PSI sensor.



(version 67531)

Added: Support for new Kavlico 15 PSI and 150 PSI sensors.



(version 61327)

Added: 75 PSI Differential Fuel Pressure (with respect to MAP pressure)



(version 57658)

Added: Support for multiple gear status indicators.



(version 55557)

Added: Same as version 54802 except for a spelling error fix for CO Guardian product



(version 54802)

Added: MAP adjustment. To use, adjust the BARO setting until the altimeter reads zero. The baro window is the current MAP pressure. Then, choose the appropriate MAP sensor in EMS configuration to make MAP as good as possible.

Added: Ability to change amp shunt polarity.

Added: Support up to 34 volts for main voltage monitor.

Added: Support for CO Guardian.



(version 53154)

Minor changes for better support of Rotax 912 iS ECUs.


(version 46403)

Same as Version 46371.


(version 46403)

Same as Version 46371.


(version 46371)

This file was previously incorrectly dated 8/4/2015.

Added: Fuel level responsiveness now available in slower and faster response versions via sensor selection in EMS SETUP > SENSOR INPUT MAPPING. Note that the default "middle" variant and is now faster than the previous characterization (and is back to its pre-12.0 level). The "RESISTIVE" (middle/default) characterization takes about a 1.5 minutes to show a fuel quantity change, with most of the change occurring in the first minute. The RESISTIVE FASTER RESPONSE characterization takes about a 15 seconds to show a fuel quantity change, with most of the change occurring in the first 7 seconds. The "RESISTIVE SLOWER RESPONSE" characterization takes approximately 7 minutes to show a fuel quantity change, with about 2/3 of the of the change occurring in the first 3 minutes.
Added: Reverted the FUEL LEVEL (CAPACITIVE) sensor back to its pre-12.0 level, which is faster. Also added FUEL LEVEL (CAPACITIVE SLOWER RESPONSE), which uses a much slower filter (that is the same as the slower 12.0/12.2 filter speed)..
Added: Support for 912iS Throttle Position, which enables display of throttle position and cold start assistance feature on EMS display.
Added: Support for GRT CS-02 Hall Effect Current Sensor.



(version 43464)

Added: Support for Honeywell MLH02KPSB06A 2000 psi pressure sensor.
Updated: Fuel level filtering now smoothed over a longer period of time (approx 2 minutes)
Updated: Filtering on 912iS fuel pressure adjusted to minimize spikes during abrupt throttle movements.



(version 40952)

Improved: Rotax 912 iS fuel pressure filtering improved to reduce nuisance alarms during abrupt throttle movements.

Improved: Characterizations for oil temperature sensor part numbers 100409-001 and 100409-000 were synchronized and improved.

Added: Support for MWFly engine CAN labels.

10.0 3/27/2014

Updated: Ability to utilize the thermocouple inputs from a second SV-EMS-220 to monitor additional EGTs/CHTs on large engines.

6.0 5/30/2013

Updated: SV-EMS-22X Pin 23 now usable as an Enhanced General Purpose Input (Type C). You must have the June 2013 version of the Engine Sensor Definition File loaded to enable this capability.

Updated: MAP "red-x" limit lowered to prevent nuissance Xes at very low MAPs.